Week Five ~ Bonnie Gordon College

This week has been more information than hands on creating. We had a series of seminars this week to better prepare us for starting a business. We first had a business coach who came in and discussed marketing basics. This was review for me from my business classes at APU all those years ago. It was a good refresher and I have a few ideas for re-doing my logo and branding which is something I am still figuring out. Overall I have a few tweaks to make. Lot’s of ideas and much needed study time to come up with a proper/better business plan.

Next we had a lesson in insurance from a State Farm agent. For lack of better words he “kept it real” in what we really need. This was more applicable to business in Canada and more specifically Ontario but I understand much better how the system works. At one point in the lecture he referred to Arizona and California as the “wild west” in terms of how insurance is determined. Canada has government regulations on how things are calculated. It is all very fascinating.

Next was accounting and tax. Some of this was review and some was new. I felt like I had a good handle already but need to get more organized. It was certainly interesting to learn about how taxes work in Canada. Very similar to the US but some small differences.

The final seminar was from one of the chef instructors at the college who opened his own shop a few years ago. He went through the realities of owning a business and some of the bureaucracy you have to deal with to get up and running. It will certainly take over your life to open a store front and was a reality check in the hours you have to put in. All great information.

The end of the week we did brush embroidery,  Lambeth piping and started our haute couture cakes. The brush embroidery was a lot easier then I thought. It seems to be all in the consistency of the royal icing. The Lambeth piping just takes practice. It can have a very dated look but I think with a little modernizing in technique would be quick and beautiful. Our instructor suggested whipping up crisco and practicing the boarders at home while watching TV. A few hours practicing would go a long way with this technique. I think I am going to get through the rest of this frigid winter practicing piping under my electric blanket! I did string work and a bulb boarder on my cake picture below. The flowers are also done in the brush embroidery. We finish our haute couture cake on Monday and I can’t wait to see how mine turns out! I have a lot of ideas to work out. 🙂

My best friends from college came into town this weekend for a visit so they are finishing up all the cake I had in the freezer. So delish even after a few weeks frozen. Last weekend I went and checked a few cake places in TO with friends from school. We went to two that were Bonnie Gordon grads. It was inspiring to check out!

It has been so busy I can’t believe I only have three weeks left! No! 🙂



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