Week Six ~ Bonnie Gordon College

This week has been crazy! We finished our haute couture cakes on Monday. I love the way mine turned out. I used Tamara of the the Real Housewives of OC’s wedding dress as my inspiration. I just loved the colors and the pattern. I used many techniques that we learned in class. Julie (our instructor) gave me a quick lesson on the moth orchid and I love that way they turned out. The gems were made out of isomalt. So fun.

We baked banana and marble cake on Tuesday to prep for our next two cakes. We tackled the sculpted cakes next. I chose the tea pot as my item. I decided to a take a Japanese inspired approach to the design. I was happy with the result but was very rushed at the end. I made the spout out of rice crispy treats which is a huge pain. I can’t believe people use them all the time for larger parts of sculpted cake design. They are hard to get smooth and fully hold their shape. They are lighter to make interesting shapes but I think I will avoid that approach. We got a chance to use the airbrush which I used on my gold handle. It goes on so evenly. Very cool to start with sheet cake and end up with a real life figure!

Friday was buttercream piping. I enjoyed every part of it! I really like buttercream cakes. We did a series of piped designs and the flowers. The flower part was easy for me since I had some practice in the Wilton course I took at Michael’s. One easy thing I failed to realize is to pipe your flowers on parchment and place them in the fridge… THEN stick them on your cake AFTER they are hardened. DUH! Such an easy thing that I did not do and ruined my perfectly piped flowers every time I tried to put them on a cake. Sheesh. Life long learner.

Next week is wedding cake week. I got my assignment: Marie Antoinette. I am so excited and working out my design this weekend. We only have two weeks left and I really want it to slow down! This experience has been wonderful!

Lot’s of pictures this week. Enjoy!


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