Week Eight Finals ~ Bonnie Gordon College

This week was our final. We had both a practical assignment and a written exam. I was assigned a theme and a client for my final cake. I was given swan lake and a description of the recipient in order to design my cake. We had to do everything on our own from design, baking, costing and of course decor. It was a lot of fun and affirmed everything that we have been learning over the past seven weeks! The written exam was pretty much review of most of our quizzes throughout the course.

I really liked how my cake turned out and would have done only a few small things differently. I designed the top to look like Princess Odette’s headpiece and the bottom to incorporate the black swan. The beading did not take as long as I thought and I had time to let my tiara dry for two nights which was ideal.  Everyone in our class did a great job. I am really going to miss everyone!

Thankfully I am going back in April as the T.A. for the next Designer Cake Certificate Program! I can’t wait. It will be a great opportunity to re-affirm everything we learned and hopefully pick up new things! Another eight weeks of early mornings and I couldn’t be happier. I will keep you all posted on everything when I start back up April 27!

Here are the pictures from this week. Enjoy and thanks for following through this amazing course!



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