Week Seven ~ Bonnie Gordon College

This week was wedding cake week! It was a busy week that felt rushed even though we just had one cake to focus on. The theme that I was given was Marie Antoinette based on the Sophia Coppola movies more modern style. My original design was downgraded a bit as the week went on due to time constraints. Who knew how much time it really takes to make every little detail.

I made 11 sugar roses, 20 leaves and 20 blossoms. I did not use them all on my cake. I also made gold dipped feathers but they did not seem to fit when doing the final assembly. I used the ruffle technique that we learned in class to make the swags and a mold to create the floral boarders and frame.  To make the “J” initial I used the extruder to form the letter and let it dry a bit first before gluing to the cake. All the gold was hand painted which took some time but not as much as I thought.

I was really happy with the result. Everyone in our class did a great job! This coming week is a short week and finals. I can’t believe it! My assignment inspiration is Swan Lake! The pressure is on. 🙂


Week Two ~ Bonnie Gordon College

This week at school we starting learning about an array of things. We went through creaming method cakes and Italian meringue buttercream (my fav) on our baking day. We also practiced piping techniques. It is so wonderful to learn the precise way to pipe a dot. Who knew something that is so seemingly simple can be tricky! I ordered this “The Art of Royal Icing” book to have some pictures of what the real pros do. I have to wait until March to pick it up from my parents in California! Real patience (boo on expensive Canadian… everything!). We worked with fondant molds, covered cake boards with fondant and stacked a cake the proper way. It was a fabulous week!

Monday was what I would consider a national emergency in terms of snow and roads conditions. Ian drove me to school (new respect) and I thought the whole way “why did I not go to the grocery store, we have no food and everything has to be closed”. I really thought school would be closed when we got there. Oh no such thing! We started class just 10 minutes late and only one person was missing because she could not dig her car out. Canadians are no joke! The show goes on! It was a new experience for me.

Here are a few pictures from this weeks cake assignment. We were given a selection of greeting style cards to choose from and draw inspiration. I chose a watercolor, floral, and butterfly type card that is pictured below. Part of the assignment was to color match our fondant which was something else that we learned about this week. With a minimal art background (hello business major) this was fascinating. This is also the first week that we were graded. We had two multiple choice quizzes and our cakes were graded on technique. I have not taken a multiple choice quiz in an almost solid 8 years. It was fun and I can’t wait for week three!


Week One Cake ~ Bonnie Gordon College

I am really enjoying my classes at Bonnie Gordon. The classes are demos with hands on practice directly after. We have been learning so many things and I am picking up so many tricks! I signed up to volunteer during one of the hobby classes on Sunday that is focused on bakery style cakes. I can’t get enough!

Here are some pictures of my first cake. I implemented many of the items that we learned this week including the striped bow, rolled rose, pinch rose and molded flowers. I was going for a “Kate Spade” look. We leveled and covered our cakes before decorating. I am loving my classmates as well. Too much fun!