Week Three ~ Bonnie Gordon College

This week we did not do any baking but focused on specific decorating techniques. The first half of the week was devoted to sugar flowers and the second half was modeling figuring. I was very interested to try out making and working with modeling chocolate. I have seen it before but never got the chance to mess with it. Plus I am a little too cheap to potentially ruin a batch of chocolate! My little bear, pictured below, turned out nice for a first attempt. I am a little concerned to use it when I get back to warmer temperatures. I left the little guy on the top shelve in the kitchen at home and it was just a little too close to the heat vent. His head melted backwards.

We also made the cutest little ballerinas out of fondant. I have zero experience making models so this was all new. I thought it was a good strategy to teach human figures so that it is less intimidating to tackle other figures that have a little more forgiveness like an elephant or a bear. We did everything in sections and hand painted the face. She pretty much looked like alien until the very end. A very tedious process that I don’t think I will do often but fun to learn nonetheless! Our T.A., Shannon, commented that she looked like tinkerbelle. I think so too.

Week One Cake ~ Bonnie Gordon College

I am really enjoying my classes at Bonnie Gordon. The classes are demos with hands on practice directly after. We have been learning so many things and I am picking up so many tricks! I signed up to volunteer during one of the hobby classes on Sunday that is focused on bakery style cakes. I can’t get enough!

Here are some pictures of my first cake. I implemented many of the items that we learned this week including the striped bow, rolled rose, pinch rose and molded flowers. I was going for a “Kate Spade” look. We leveled and covered our cakes before decorating. I am loving my classmates as well. Too much fun!