Week Four ~ Bonnie Gordon College

This week we covered many different things in class. The first thing we did was learn the basics in painting on cakes. I do not have much of an art background so this was tricky. I think painting would take a lot more practice to master for me. We did a garden rose which did have pretty colors to work with. We also had a fancy Toronto wedding photographer come and teach us the basics of taking better pictures of our cakes. I can’t wait to get home and set up a seamless back drop. I don’t think I will invest in the expensive camera but a new point and shoot is certainly in my future. So much good information.

The second part of the week we did chocolate cakes and covered our cakes with modeling chocolate. I tried out a paneling design that is posted below with the actual modeling chocolate. It was out of my comfort zone and I ran out of time to put the finishing touches but I like the idea. This cake was all chocolate. We used chocolate ganache to mask the cake and modeling chocolate to cover and decorate. It kept melting in my hot hands so I not sure how much I would use it back in a warmer climate. But it all tastes much better then fondant. 🙂 We also made a whipped chocolate ganache which was delightful.

Our final classes were baking for allergies and how to cost a cake. The allergies class was very cool to learn about all the substitutions that you can use in a recipe. It was also eye opening to see how much “other” stuff is used in gluten free baked goods. Gluten free is not really healthier in a lot of cases. The cakes and cupcakes that we made were actually really good. It was a nice surprise. I really enjoyed the costing of cake seminar as well. It is simple math but you really have to figure out how much everything is costing you down to the gram.

It was a short week with family day (a Canadian holiday) on Monday but it was certainly packed. I can’t believe we are half way through already! I want it all to slow down!

Week Three ~ Bonnie Gordon College

This week we did not do any baking but focused on specific decorating techniques. The first half of the week was devoted to sugar flowers and the second half was modeling figuring. I was very interested to try out making and working with modeling chocolate. I have seen it before but never got the chance to mess with it. Plus I am a little too cheap to potentially ruin a batch of chocolate! My little bear, pictured below, turned out nice for a first attempt. I am a little concerned to use it when I get back to warmer temperatures. I left the little guy on the top shelve in the kitchen at home and it was just a little too close to the heat vent. His head melted backwards.

We also made the cutest little ballerinas out of fondant. I have zero experience making models so this was all new. I thought it was a good strategy to teach human figures so that it is less intimidating to tackle other figures that have a little more forgiveness like an elephant or a bear. We did everything in sections and hand painted the face. She pretty much looked like alien until the very end. A very tedious process that I don’t think I will do often but fun to learn nonetheless! Our T.A., Shannon, commented that she looked like tinkerbelle. I think so too.